Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I’ve been up to…the shortened version!

yep, its been just that crazy busy around here….I had to go back thru my calendar just to make sense of it and well, consolidate it, LOL!

The last 2 weeks of May…how bout some photos from my P365 folder to bring you all up to date-

wMay26 Iris_the-messenger-of-love

These Iris’ are Beautiful, dont you think? Thank You Bunny (DSO) for the awesome template, just at the right time!

wMay28 FB Friend Patti 100_0672

We had the opportunity to meet Patty and Teresa…Facebook Friends, Thanks for a beautiful afternoon ladies! Thats me on the right, not sure why we didnt get one with Teresa, next time gf :-)

wMay30 Kelsey-Graduates-May-2010--

and my dear niece Kelsey graduated from High School…Thanks for the great pic Kath (Mom)!

ok, stick with me here, June…

wJun3 Animal Medical Center Polo_s 100_0676 wJun3 AMC Shirts and Jackets Stack 100_0684

Work wear that I embroidered for my BFF and coworkers, Luv Ya GF! Did I mention Sandy is getting Married, he popped the question on Memorial Day and the big day is coming up 2nd weekend in Aug, wheeee!

wJun8 1st Day of Summer Break_it rains 100_0715

The 1st day of Summer Break wasnt looking to good for Dyl and I…

wJun9_Water Slide2 100_0728

but it sure was a beautiful day as we tested the new toy for the Willow Farm Family BBQ!

wJun17 could he be a Seal 100_0874

r1 the Dizzy Dragon 100_0920

r1Buddy and Dylan_Libertyville Days June2010 100_0915

and another beautiful day for the pool and the carnival!

wJun19 Keith Urban Soldier Field IMG_7000

wJun19 Buddy_Vanessa Soldier Field IMG_7027_edited-1

Wow, what beautiful evening with DH spent listening to some great music at Soldier Field. The tix were his Fathers Day gift from the kids and I :-) Eagles, Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks, woot, woot!

wJun29 the invitations starting to take shape_Kelsey IMG_7087

wJun29 Kelseys Grad Invitation Card IMG_7091 wJun29 Kelsey Grad Invitation Card inside IMG_7092

yep, 3 women putting 75 of these together heated things up, LOL…but nothing us girls couldnt work thru :-) Luv Ya Kels, see ya at the Open House! <3 Big Hugs Bran, I couldnt have done these without you, xxx! I think the last burst of the steroids helped too, LOLOL

See, you made it to the end of this one, LOL….really, so much more has come and gone that dont show in these pics but that would surely put you to sleep, hehee. So again, watch for the next post to find out what Loucee has been up to while Ive been MIA.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

WOJ a stamp per day Give away…

Katherine is cleaning her craft table and 7 people are going to be very Lucky and Happy! Open till July 10th…Elisabeth Bell stamps, wheeeee!

“Over the next 7 days (starting today), I will give away 1 stamp per day, of the new City Girl II collection, to one of you. Also included is a package 2 spritzers and 2 daubers by LuminArte".”

rWOJ aStampPerDay

another post (or 2, ggg) to follow about what Ive been up to for the last 6weeks, eeek :-)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amethyst Charm, Hybrid Template, SCS…

and, as always, sooo much more, LOL!  Its all go, go, go now here at Willow Farm but somehow I managed to squeeze in a few moments of crafty fun and do a favor for my dearest friend, shewww :-)  

Have you seen Lou’s newest kit, Amethyst Charm? Its Gorgeous and available at DSO, just look at these rich colors!!!


and here’s what I did with this beautiful kit…Thanks Lou!

wReal Sweetie lcc_Amnethyst Charm  IMG_6954 

I used the Matchbook Album/Notepad Hybrid Template by Pixel Geek and added a paper flower that I made by way of another SCS tut that DD had discovered.  Thanks to all those who create wonderful designs, templates and tutorials…such a nice treat, especially for time challenged folks like me :-)  

Speaking of  DD, Brandi…she gave me the most wonderful Mothers Day card this year! She had asked if she could get an afternoon in my craft room about a week before and of course the answer was yes, (I knew what she was up to) but only if she agreed to not bring anything…and I really meant, nothing! What a better way to know that Id for sure  luv whatever she created than by using my very own hand picked craft supplies! Its AWESOME!  Big Hugs Bran, Thank You for a very special Mothers Day <3

wMay9 Happy Mothers Day Card by Brandi 100_0610

wMay9 Mothers Day Card1 100_0619

wMay9 Mothers Day Card2 100_0618

and before I go…the DSO Collab Bag is up! These bags are always excellent quality and you can see the details by clicking the pic…

 grabbag DSO May2010

and the bright colors of Hot Dotty are making me wish Summer would hurry up and get here! Another great one Lou, Thanks! click the pic to go to the store :-)

hot dotty_lcc

wheeee, another long post so Ill save my favor for my dear friend till next time…thats just how good a friend she really is, she always waits for me :-)  Im off to bed as its another busy day tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feeling Crafty at the Farmers Market

now hows that for a title, LOL…there are the 2 new beautiful kits from LouCee and it also totally sums up what Ive been up too!From sewing to paper&digi crafting to ALL the crazy-busy spring time duties on the farm, wheeeee!

While I was sewing away creating gifts, Lou was creating the coordinating Feeling Crafty kit to scrap them with! Wow, is it just me or does it seem like she reads minds, LOL…Thanks Lou! And Thanks go to Bunny at DSO too..she shared her awesome template skills with her FB friends just at the perfect time! 


I used fabric leftovers from the Main House redo for these cute Raggy Pillows, 8coasters and 4hot pads.  The pillow LO’s and the white felt flowers are from theDIYdish and the other flowers (and coaster/hotpads not shown) are from Martha Stewart’s website.  Just like scraplifting but with fabric, hehehe. Luv how they turned out and so hope the receiving family think so too :-)

And of course,  anything titled Farmers Market  is gonna get my attention, LOL! Another adorable kit from Lou and this one is part of the DSO’s May 2010 Pic Ur Bits kit so there are some great matching mini’s and alphas to go with it!


One of the first spring afternoons that the boys got to graze in the main pasture…it was such a lovely day I had to grab a few pics, LOL.  Thanks Lou and  Thanks too for my friend Jazzy, for always coming to my rescue with beautiful designs and wonderful wordart to match the moment of the memory, xxx

Ok, just a couple more things to show ya…if you need a potty break, Ill wait here for ya :-) Somehow, Somewhere I found a few extra minutes to “craft” 2 more goodies…one, a really cute LO of my fav subject, Dylan at his 7th Birthday party at Chucky Cheese. I know thats not the right spelling, ggg. Ill have to edit in the credits for this one, grrr


and this Thank You card…yaa, I know, like I have time to color with markers but I just couldnt resist this adorable image! Thanks to Tracey Malnofski (The Stamping Boutique) for sharing her talent and her luv of horses :-) Oh and I did finish it off with a matching bow in the center of the tag but didnt get another pic, dang! Its cute anyway :-P

wApr21 Thank You Card 100_0547

shewwww, I think Im done…and to quote a good friend, my carriage has turned into a pumpkin so its time for me to say goodnight. Till Next Time, XO

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter, My Fairytale & Bronzy Bits


w2Happy East Apr2010 lcc_My  Fairytale 100_0459

Do your adult kids still look forward to an Easter morning gift?Mine do and I enjoy that they do…wellll, as long Im ready when the special day actually rolls around, LOL!  This year I was ready, ggg…with the help of Lou’s new kit, My Fairytale and another great tutorial at SCS here :-) I think it took me all of about an hour to print and assemble all 3 at the same time in an assembly line fashion, wheeeee. My only regret is that I never found the exact match to one of the ribbons Lou put in this kit and I know Ive seen it but alas, not to be this time, maybe next. Oh, and you know there will be a next because just look what's in here…


LouCee My Fairytale-preview

LouCee alpha preview 


LouCee scenicspreview  

LouCee paperpreview2

awww, the possibilities! Thanks Lou, Beautiful Kit!

LouCee has new CU Bronzy Bits just out too! I can so see these in Summer LO’s with warm colors…you rawk GF!


Speaking of warm…its time for me to add in the links and get off to my warm bed! It is my day off tomorrow but toooo many late nights in a row already, zzzzzz

Monday, April 5, 2010

yep, Loucee did it!

And really really well too, woot, woot…did you see DSO’s pick for Gallery Standout week of mar28-apr3? OMGoodness,  my SoCo Treat Bag Cover and Lou Ann’s Love LO were both in…and both were created with LouCee Creations Southern Comfort!  Thanks Lou for making such great stuff to create with!  

wSoCo Gift Coverjpg

Now, one post back I was catching up and though it was a long one, I nearly made it! I was playing with Lou’s newest kit, My Montage and its now available here at DSO. I so luv this style, Hugs Loucee!

wBrandi_Jackie_Joie-Behymer Oct1998 lcc_My Montage lcc-MyMontage-preview

And I wanna pop in here to say Hey to my good friend Charlie! She’s busy as ever and has put up the new CU Charming #3 that is part of the DSV April Collab Grab Bag. Looks like all awesome stuff from guaranteed great designers in this bag!


and Charlie’s charms…just perfect for this farm girl, Hugs GF!


ok, so if I end this here and post Ill be as caught up as Ive been in months, LOL…and of course you know Ill be back, theres always something in the works :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Time Flies By…

and wow, have I got LOTS to catch up on!!! I started this post over 6wks ago and it seems like its just been only a few days, eeek! Ohhh,  Ive come back here more than a few times to just open, write in a few sentences, get sidetracked (again!) and close as a Draft on my way to bed, argh!

Ill start here and say Best Wishes to Charlie! She has decided to really focus on her first love of Photography (and rightly so, this girl has the eye!) but no worries, we’ll still find her great CU designs at DSV!

Special Hugs to Loucee for putting up with me and my crazy life! You are a doll and I hope you are having a really nice Birthday Getaway with the DH and Roman…cant wait to see more pics! And speaking of  a celebration, LouCee Creations is having a special Birthday Sale at DSO, can you guess how old she is ;-)

lcc-LeChic-birthday sale 

and her special kit for the party…Le Chic, woot, woot!


and my LO…This particular afternoon in March the snow was lifting into the air so Dylan could literally see what the saying means (in like a lion, out like a lamb), Spring is coming!  


So even though Ive been totally MIA here, I was able to get in a small amount of crafting done in the background! Stay with me here as I start my travels backwards…there is some yummy stuff coming next, ggg

Our Beautiful Daughter Brandi had her 27th Birthday this Month too! I used Lou’s part of the DSO Collab, Southern Comfort to make a Treat Bag Cover for a B-Day card. The tut is at SCS here if you want to have a go...yep, Im a green, gold and dark red/plum/burg  kinda girl, hehehe, Luv this kit!

wSoCo Gift Coverjpg lcc-SouthernComfort-preview

still going back…Lou’s kit China Blue! I know Blue OPnion comes in many patterns but each one makes me instantly think of 2 things…My DMIL and Ducks! Being in a hurry and not having a good fitting photo of Peggy I had to go with our resident ducks, Peepers, George amd Flip :-) They ended up here on at the farm as rescues from the feed store as someone had ordered 50 boy ducklings and then only took 47 of them. Peepers cause she is a girl, George because he was 3x too big and Flip, well poor Flip has some Neuro issues (thus his name, Flip). In truth they got the luckiest…happy and healthy waddling along on Willow Farm for the rest of their natural lives :-)

rDucks_Chiina-Blue  lcc-ChinaBlue-preview 

and to almost bring me up to speed, here is a LO of Dylan’s BFF, Naveah :-) She has the most darling smile and her eyes just pull you in, she really is Beautifully Unforgettable, Hugs Nevi! I used Lou’s Forever And After kit…all these kits are available only at DSO and on sale right now too!  


Although nearly finished, that has to be it for now…Im falling asleep at the keyboard, LOL. With any luck you’ll see me again over the weekend, nite ;-)