Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I’ve been up to…the shortened version!

yep, its been just that crazy busy around here….I had to go back thru my calendar just to make sense of it and well, consolidate it, LOL!

The last 2 weeks of May…how bout some photos from my P365 folder to bring you all up to date-

wMay26 Iris_the-messenger-of-love

These Iris’ are Beautiful, dont you think? Thank You Bunny (DSO) for the awesome template, just at the right time!

wMay28 FB Friend Patti 100_0672

We had the opportunity to meet Patty and Teresa…Facebook Friends, Thanks for a beautiful afternoon ladies! Thats me on the right, not sure why we didnt get one with Teresa, next time gf :-)

wMay30 Kelsey-Graduates-May-2010--

and my dear niece Kelsey graduated from High School…Thanks for the great pic Kath (Mom)!

ok, stick with me here, June…

wJun3 Animal Medical Center Polo_s 100_0676 wJun3 AMC Shirts and Jackets Stack 100_0684

Work wear that I embroidered for my BFF and coworkers, Luv Ya GF! Did I mention Sandy is getting Married, he popped the question on Memorial Day and the big day is coming up 2nd weekend in Aug, wheeee!

wJun8 1st Day of Summer Break_it rains 100_0715

The 1st day of Summer Break wasnt looking to good for Dyl and I…

wJun9_Water Slide2 100_0728

but it sure was a beautiful day as we tested the new toy for the Willow Farm Family BBQ!

wJun17 could he be a Seal 100_0874

r1 the Dizzy Dragon 100_0920

r1Buddy and Dylan_Libertyville Days June2010 100_0915

and another beautiful day for the pool and the carnival!

wJun19 Keith Urban Soldier Field IMG_7000

wJun19 Buddy_Vanessa Soldier Field IMG_7027_edited-1

Wow, what beautiful evening with DH spent listening to some great music at Soldier Field. The tix were his Fathers Day gift from the kids and I :-) Eagles, Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks, woot, woot!

wJun29 the invitations starting to take shape_Kelsey IMG_7087

wJun29 Kelseys Grad Invitation Card IMG_7091 wJun29 Kelsey Grad Invitation Card inside IMG_7092

yep, 3 women putting 75 of these together heated things up, LOL…but nothing us girls couldnt work thru :-) Luv Ya Kels, see ya at the Open House! <3 Big Hugs Bran, I couldnt have done these without you, xxx! I think the last burst of the steroids helped too, LOLOL

See, you made it to the end of this one, LOL….really, so much more has come and gone that dont show in these pics but that would surely put you to sleep, hehee. So again, watch for the next post to find out what Loucee has been up to while Ive been MIA.

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Jingle said...

You have so many great photos! I like your Graduation card, too!!!