Friday, May 8, 2009

Good News/Bad News

First, Ill get right to the good news, no, GREAT news...Im on my first CT! Im so honored to be working with Loucee Creations, Thank You Louise! Wait till you all see who Im in with...check her blog :-) Loucee is know by many as the Digital Hybrid Scrapping Queen, myself included, so when she opened a store at DSO and posted a call for a creative team I just couldnt resist...she already knew how much I still have to learn, digi and hybrid, and let me on in spite of it, LOL! Ill post a couple pics and edit/post more a little later, refer to last paragraph, grrr!
Garden Blues

My Niece Kelsey, on her way to her Junior Prom...Isnt she Beautiful! I did this LO for Charlie's Speed Scrap at ESS and she called for B&W photos, whaaa, Kelsey's dress is the same gorgeous deep blue as the papers and elements! Might have to put those back to color and repost :-)

I just finished this today...turned out AWESOME! Hugs LouCee!!! I think my Mom is gonna luv this just as much as I do :-) mwah to Kimb as beautiful designs, Antoinette!

Ok, And the bad news is...Ive been officially downgraded to dial-up, WHAAA! Ya know that big beautiful farm I live on, well, some technologies just havent made it this far yet and my true radio wave Broadband connection has been over grown by the trees surrounding me :-( So...Ive been meaning to sort up all those blinkies on my side bar and now might be just the right time...but not now, its 12:30AM, eeek! Hope to have good news for a new broadband connection very very soon...until then...the glass is half full, yaa, thats it, the glass is half full...Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Kelsey is so pretty. It does not seem
like she should be ole enough to be going to a prom.

OHHHHHHH how gorgeous my card is.
I will always cherish it and will be
waiting anxiously for it to arrive.


LouCeeCreations said...

lol! your Mummy has seen the card before she gets it! You did a FANTASTIC job on it!
and I'm glad to have you on my CT xx

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I love the layout and congratulations on the CT!!!! Exciting!!
The dialup must be a pain for you. I hope that you get it sorted out. There are a few little disadvantages with living in the country...broadband connection is one of them!Lol!!
Have a wonderful day.

Ole Grandma said...

The card came today. It is gorgeous.
It is a real keeper.
Now someone please tell me how do I get the supplies and do something like this ?

I know how to do them on the computer but not sure how or what I need to do them in real paper and stuff.

Okay I have card stock and paints.
I think maybe I could paint pictures on the card stock instead of photos but not sure where I get the flowers,etc...