Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Decisions & Questions

Im so bad at those, LOL

I did get my pics for Project/Life 365 yesterday and today so Ill go with getting them posted and it will answer the question you are asking yourself right about now as to why this post is titled "Decisions&Questions", LOL

...whaaa, why wont any of my photo's load :-( Ill be back...ok, the problem was on bloggers end so Im uploading thru photobucket...

Jan 6, 2009...this one says it all in just one word, RENOVATION! It actually started on Monday but I didnt get pics till today and the best part is that it is NOT happening in my house...its the main house here on the farm and the owners are in Florida for the Winter so no one has to suffer thru it :-)

Jan 7, this is the shot that creates the "Decisions", the above pic is fairly straight forward, LOL...these "supplies" are for a project on a yahoo group for purse/bag/tote sewing junkies! For people like me picking the fabric and notions isnt just hard enough then comes the decision of how to put them all, stripes for the flap, for the body, lining only, outside only or just all of one???...eeekkk, LOL

Whaa Hooo, a week into 2009 and Im still on track for a years worth of Memories!!!

oh, which leaves me with my final it ok to load photos to photobucket and then onto my blog? Is that considered "linking"? Not sure if anyone who reads this will have that answer but its worth a try :-)


Rachel said...

Great fabric choices!! I love making bags (and quilting too), I recently made a template out of a plastic shopping bag and made myself one of those out of fabric, it was so much fun!! :)


Rachael Giallongo said...

I can never get blogger to do what I want with pics so I always use Photobucket and then add a link on my blog.... it works fine for me!