Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today's Pic

what to post, what to post...should it be the self portrait I got while gathering the laundry out of the bathroom or the embroidery design I stitched this afternoon, hmmm

Well, since the design is still in the testing stage Im going for the self portrait, eeekkk. How does everyone else do their self portraits...I mean, it took me a few minutes just to find a spot on the mirror that didnt have toothpaste and I wasnt going for cleaning it so here I am...spots and all, ggg

maybe I should have went for the one that had the camera hiding my face, BWAHAHAHA


Bunny Cates said...

I hung a sheet over my shower behind me so it couldn't be seen and did the camera half over my face pic!!

You're so cute! Toothpaste and all!

Angel said...

great job w/ the self portrait! I'm with you & taking them ... my 16 yr has a TON ... I can't manage even one ... I haven't even attempted 1 for my p365 ...
This my first visit here. Love your bag!!