Thursday, February 5, 2009

P365 Update...

and more, ggg. Wellllll, where has this week gone???

Thats actually good news as it means our little 3 day weekend (sun thru tues) is only 2 days away, yeah! Only going 10 minutes up the road "where its always 86 and sunny", thats what they say anyway, Ill let you know, hehehe. If you wanna check it out... Looks like a good place to take pictures too, all those bright colors :-)

Today was February Treatment Day...YaaHoo, I was on time AND I remembered the camera! Thanx Jaymi, Debbie and Angelina for taking such good care of me and for playing P365 :-) Good Job Angelina for help working the camera too, I was totally impressed! sleeping in for me this morning and florescent lighting, eeekkk!

Feb4, finally a pic of Mac. He is the primadonna of canines here on Willow Farm, you'll never find him bounding around in any snow! Oh no, we're doing good to get him off the porch...he wears his dry southern heritage proudly and has no intentions of ever getting his feet wet unless absolutely necessary, bwahaha! There will be better pics of Mac and Molly as the weather warms up and drys out :-)

and finally for Feb 3rd, the Surprise Photo, hahaha! Its a little somethin' for DH that Im giving him on "our" Valentine Weekend...Ill have to come back afterwards to edit the real pic in, ggg. Hugs to a special friend for helping me out with this, for now I hope she knows who she is :-)
***the big reveal*** Thanx Loucee for helping me, I couldnt have gotten it finished without you, Hugs GF!

ok, thats it from me today...lots to do over the next couple days so I better get some rest!

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Ole MoM said...

Hi Kid
Geez you still have snow on the ground. The last of our snow left today but we did not have as much as you guys.
I love where you are going for your mini vacation. I know you have to be excited. I can't wait to see what you have for Buddy. Sure wish you would send me a picture or at least a hint.