Monday, January 19, 2009

Looks like...

Im turning into an every other day blogger :-) Or it at least seems to be going that way at the moment, hehehe.

Today turned out to be a day of good things happening...DD got a GREAT raise at work, DS1 got his first "real" car (with a payment book!) and DS2 wanted to cook dinner for the family for the first time :-) I got a little sidetracked with helping and didnt get any pics but since he wants to have another go one night next week, Ill let him do more of the cooking and Ill be ready with the camera! Great Job Kids!!!

So my pic for P365 for today is...Bo and Infiniti G35x

Oh, and in case you were thinking I forgot about yesterday...Here'sss Gunner, Master Snow Dog, LOL

Oh yaa, before I forget...Sammy, the horse with the broken leg, got hand walked today! First time out of his stall in over 2 months...halfway to real turnout :-) Go Sammy Go!!!

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