Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catching Up...

with P365 and more, eeekkk! Settle in for a long one, Ive got 4 days to post pics for...thurs, fri, today and somehow I missed posting the 13th (kinda weird, huh) but Im still on track getting at least one shot a day so here goes...

Jan 13th- Morning Mug fav coffee ever, Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla w/Xtra sugar, hehehe! DS brought me this Tues morning, I didnt ask or anything, ggg...Thanx Bo :-)

This is where we skip to Thur, Jan15-My Sew Along is coming along, LOL...this is week 1 and week 2. The other "extended" project Im keeping up with, yeah for me! After I cut out the pattern "pieces" I wasnt sure about these fabrics but as it comes together Im back to Luv'n them again :-) oh, the yahoo group that is doing the Sew Along Project is Bags to Brag About, its owned by Jackie of Jackies Desighns, she designs beautiful fabric handbags, purses, totes, etc. patterns. She is a great gal, Thanx Jackie!!!

next up, Jan is that the face of guilt or what, BWAHHHHH! Gunner was caught red handed (or should I say "nosed") in the garbage can, uh-oh :-( Funny thing is we dont scold him, he puts himself in time-out, hehehe

and last but not least, Jan is that a look of mischief or what! What more could a 6yr old boy need than snow gear, a guitar and choc donuts on a snowy saturday morning, ROFL

Alright, to get this posted and head off to bed. Saturdays are always long, exhausting days for me, its Buddy's day off so the farm is all me!

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