Saturday, January 3, 2009

Project 365 and Morning Mug Shot...

a couple "new to me" experiences in the digi scrapping world :-) P365 basically is vowing to take at least 1 picture a day for an entire year and scrapping it, check out the link for more info. Now, many more organized folks ahead of me have failed at this mission so if it turns out (and more than likely it will!!!) I dont complete it, I wont wilt with guilt that Im the only one who couldnt make it happen, hehehe

Bunny resurrected Morning Mug Shot (DSO forum topic) that fits perfectly into getting my daily pic...even on days that I dont get any further than coffee, LOL. Bunny is also P365ing on her blog...she has encredible stuff there, from cooking to sewing to digi scrapping and everything in between! Well worth the daily visit, Thanx for sharing what life looks like to you girl

here goes my first 3 days...January 1-3 2009

1. What I see every night before I get into bed...Gunner sleeping in DH's bath towels on the floor :-)

2. Morning Mug Shot 1-at my desk

3. Buddy and "The Gator"

and now the real trick some point Im supposed to scrap all these shots, eeekkk! Wish me Luck

just had to pop this one in here...

Awwww, isnt this the most precious pic...Katie and baby Sophia (Hugsss)

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