Monday, December 29, 2008

I See You...Workin'

is what I should have named this one, hehehe...he was so into "working" at shoveling snow, which we all know what that really means to a kid...FUN :-) I luv the way the photo (black and white) works with these colors...dark against light. Big Hugs and Thank You to Boo, Kimb, Stone Accents Studio and DSO for such wonderful inspiration, designs and challenges!!! For this LO I also used elements from Andrea Dickinson and Cindy Spicer, Thanx Ladies!

I managed a few other good snow pics too the weekend before Christmas, remember that 15" they were calling for...well, we got it, eeekkk! Made for a Beautiful Christmas though and now Ive got a few LO's in mind to work chance I get, I think sewing is next on my hobby time list, ggg.

Quick Update on the horses...everyone is healing well, slowly, but well :-) We're 8 weeks in for the ones (3) that are doing their 120days of stall rest. As you can see, Tyler has fully recovered from his surgery (he was # 4), mwah. DS got this with his cell phone for me, Thanx Bo!


Andrea said...

I LOVE your layout!! That b&w pic is STUNNING!!! Love the simplicity of your layout! Very clean & sweet!

What a cute pic of your horse!

Kim B said...

STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING! love the clean lines and the BW photo! WOOHOOO.
Thanks so much for playing with