Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Subject Line

am I the only one who struggles with Titles? Doesnt matter what its for but for some odd reason I have a real problem coming up with a short one word/short line description of just about everything, WHAAA!

Before time gets away from me I wanna Thank the ladies who stopped by and left their "gotta have em" Scrapbooking Supplies Lists for me, you girls RAWK, MWAH!

Once again playing catch up with P365, least it gives me something to chat about...and by "chat" refer to the first paragraph here cause Ive got 3 days to cover, hehehe

For Jan 26, Whats your guilty pleasure? Mine is Winter Warmth, I know its not good BUT I dont abuse it and it makes me an oh so much happier person to be around thru the gray months, LOL.

Next up (Jan 27) is Sammy on his daily walk...he is doing really well and you have to listen to tell anything is off. 5 Weeks to go...Hugs to Alicia for helping him out

Caught this one this afternoon, funny how one pic can define the depth of the season...On Willow Farm Pond

ok, thats it for me for now ..till next time!
*hey, thats a one liner, hahahahaha*

ps...Bunny, hope you and your family are staying warm and dry!

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Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Looks like Sammy is doing great and I agree that sun anyway we can get it in winter is needed!!
Thank you for hsaring your photographs and your week!