Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ever Wonder...

how a horse takes care of his teeth? Probably not but if you keep reading you'll find out a little, ROFL! The Vet...Oh, Dentist...does housecalls so theres a start...

Give 1 "Martini" for nerves and get the head gear on! Just like human dentists use for root horse size, ggg. No worries...this is a completely painless precedure for the horse, from start to finish :-)

Horses grind their food (not chew) so Dr Mann uses the drill to flatten wavey surfaces and files any sharp edges that have developed...Thanx Bo for helping Frango to stay steady :-)

Lucky (and Dudley, way back in the corner of the pic) after its all done, Thanx Dr Mann and Bo :-)

more than you ever wanted to know, right, hehehe...Awww, just another day in the life of a *spoiled* horse

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Brandi said...

how do i get one of the "martini"'s? your blog is awesome! what a cool site- i may have to try to do this one day- and your not the last one in the family to not have itunes :)