Wednesday, January 14, 2009

True Friends...

Katie and Sophia, what an adorable picture dont ya think, ggg! I did this for the Jan09 Color Challenge at DSO. Kim B always picks the best colors and when I saw these I knew this pic would be perfect! Loucee, Bunny Cates, Joni Gray, Crops2Dawn, Jen (chaos lounge) and Kim (kims scrappin) are just a few of the extremely talented folks who so kindly contributed their beautiful designs to the challenge this month...WOW, Thanx Ladies!

ok, so this LO took me hours and hours to put together and Im still not satisfied, eeekkk! Does anyone else do that...take forever to create one layout I mean? Im trying to use more elements as Ive noticed alot of my LO's dont have much beyond the pic, a frame and background paper...anyone have any hints, tips and/or Ah Ha moments they'd like to share about creating clusters? Loved using greenery for the first time! And even though the wordart fits it just doesnt feel completely right yet, kwim! Someday Ill get good enough to do these designs justice, LOL

This is my p365 for the day too! I figure if scrapbooking one LO takes this kinda time for me then it should definently be recognized as a moment worth documenting


Joni said...

Don't be to hard on yourself, I LOVE it. The cluster is so pretty.
But I know what you mean, I guess we all have those moments, you make, delete and make again and again and again....:)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I will be keeping
up with the news of your family, horses,scrapbooking and even your sewing.
Love & Hugs

Kim B said...

Oh Goodness- I LOVE this LO- haven't got to the challenge thread yet- was just popping in to say a HI and thanks for all your comments on my blog ;-)
And Girlfriend- I spent over 3 hours doing a LO for Jenni Rousseau on Sat and my PS seized- ARRGHHH, no I didn't save as I went like a true DORK- lol, so it was a RE- DO on Sunday- which took just as long- lol
Clustering and layering isn't easy- it becomes easier with practice but still not something you can rush - well I think anyway- hahahaha.
You did a AWESOME job on this one and I don't think any of us are ever entirely happy with our LO's most days ;-)