Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ack, Spit, Ack!

I had this post started last night and was making a great comeback when Firefox crashed :-( So Im back to try again, maybe I better move a little faster this time, hehehe

So much to catch up on...Ill start waaaay back! Feb 6th I gathered all the supplies, printed and cut all the pieces for this AWESOME hybrid card Loucee and Kimb shared with us, Thanx Girls!!!

TaaDaa, isnt this just adorable...and it held special meaning for us as DH used to bring the Love Is comic everyday from the newspaper :-) Feb 7th I put al the pieces together...

and how bout this! My man is a total music freak so this was perfect :-) Feb 8th after we checked into the hotel I gave him this and the card...Thanx Girls for the perfect gifties!!!

ok, Ill have to come back to edit this...the horseshoer is calling for me...Be Back Soon!

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