Thursday, March 26, 2009


I really AM a Thread Artist! Well, thats what I call myself anyway, LOL...especially when folks start coming at me with hems and alterations, eeekkk! Patty at SewN2U redid her website and it went live yesterday...tadaa, there they are, the little totes I made one year for the girls in my family for christmas...yep, thats them, there on the top right with Patty's adorable fairies on them! Thanx Patty, you made my day GF! If you get a chance to meander around her site you'll see she's used a few of my project pics, ggg

My Mom is the true artist in the family and as the apple doesnt fall far from the tree I too love all things artsy/crafty, Thanx Mom! Ill never been as talented as you are but Im sure having tons of fun trying :-)

Way behind on posting p365 photos so Ill just stick a few in here and keep moving...I can still count on one hand how many days Ive missed so far this year and in my book thats pretty darn good!

A couple LO's that I did for the DSO March Challenges...Watch Me Grow is of Dylan (DGS), its for Bunny's Template Challenge. Bunny made the template for us to use and then offered an incredible posting bonus for those that played along. Thank You Bunny! Life Is A Journey is Logan (my great nephew)for Beth's Scraplift Challenge. Beth picked an really cute LO of Mel's for us to use as inspiration and offered a wonderful posting bonus for playing. Thank You Beth, Mel and Jazzy (for the awesome Life is A Journey Wordart)!!! You ladies RAWK!

Next pic up is my little rock star, Dylan playing Guitar Hero! Hoping to get this one scrapped soon...Im still wanting to post in more LO's for DSO March Challenges :-)

See that...that is a computer thats finally made its way home after I lost a few gray hairs getting it working properly, AGAIN! It belongs to my brother and I swear he just goes wonky trying to keep me busy fixing this thing! Did I mention that I am NOT a computer repair woman, LOLOL

More Spring cleaning here on the farm...Thats my oldest son Bo :-) There arent alot of pics of him as he is usually running from the camera, he had no idea I was up to here, hehehe

Well, Ive been at this post for well over an hour now and its lunch time...gotta grab something to Ill be back a little later as I still have lots to catch up on. I know, I know, I always say Ill be back then it could be up to 2 weeks before I actually make it but Ill try best I can, ggg


Ole Grandma said...

Good Morning DD:
Your totes are fantastic. I am sew proud of what you do.
I am always surprised at how fast Dylan is growing.
How did you fix your DB computer? What was wrong with it this time.
Thank you for the compliments about me being the artist of the family.
Big Hugs & Love
Ole MoM

LouCeeCreations said...

heyho, just popped in to say, when a beagle can take a cooking chicken out of an oven you KNOW what little beggars they are haha!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Sounds like you a great person to have around when the PC gets crook!!
You sound as if your busy as usual and life is keeping you busy.
Thank you for your kind words on my blog when I was stressing. They were much appreciated and helped me get things back into the right prespective.
Hugs and thanks