Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Post, I Have...

NOT abandoned my blog, I promise, eeek! Ive opened this page oh say about 100 times in the last month only to close it at what has been the end of just another hectic day and having written nothing :-(

This spring has been a busy addition to all the normal "farm" happenings during this time of the year the main house is nearly finished and its looking like only a couple things are coming over the deadline, May 1st :-) Its Beautiful!

Speaking of trying to keep our ducks in a row...look what Buddy and the kids found...

how cool is that! You might have to click on the photos to really see but that's a wild Mallard and she's made her nest right in the corner of the house where the concrete steps meet the back door. That's the door to the break room and office so there is people in and out of there regularly but she had it tucked so nicely behind that bush that no one noticed till they were doing more spring cleaning! The pic of the eggs actually came 3 days after they found the nest the first time...I didnt get out to get a pic till the next day and she was sitting on them (the 2nd pic) when I got there. I was nearly on top of her before I realized she was in there...her and God's camoflage :-)

ok, I said this was gonna be a quick post so I just finish by saying that Ive missed more than couple P365 days this month but Im still going along! More to come...soon, I hope, LOL

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