Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scrapbooking and Sewing

Yep, its Sunday night and here I am blogging till into the wee hours in anticipation of sleeping in on my "day off" :-) It was the usual busy (exhausted) 6th day of the work week but I did manage to get in a few minutes for creating...even DH was asking if my craft room needed dusting from lack of use, whaaa!

So I started with a project that really should have been finished along time ago...that Bootie Bag from more than a few posts ago :-) I managed only making it thru step 2 (of 3) for both bags so today I completed 1 of them! I had put the machine embroidery designs on 3 weeks ago and today was the last day to enter the digitizers Fun Cowgirl Alpha Project Contest...another 2 for 1, wheee...project completed and contest entered, I luv when that happens, ggg. I have to wait and see if I can post a pic yet...might be private entries/closed voting.

Yesterday a friend recommended a new blog and I finally got a chance this afternoon to check it out...WOW, Scrappin Out Loud has incredible scrapping, stamping stuff, Thanx Bunny! Wish Id made it back a little quicker as she is having a Blog Candy Giveaway that ends today...hoping close off is at least midnight central time, wink, wink. Check it out...Ive become a little bit of a Hybrid hound, Thanx Loucee :-)

one last thing...for once my normal "1 step forward, 2 steps back" life worked in my favor, hehee...what started out as getting satellite Internet installed next week on weds am went to thurs am then to tues pm, waahoo!

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