Monday, May 18, 2009


catch up! boy ooh boy, I really need to get to my little blog more often than this, eeek! Ill try to do better...spring is always the busiest on the farm! Well, ok, so are all seasons but a girl can always hope, right?

LouCee got a great start with 3 kits at her DSO store...Ive a couple more LO's to show off her other 2 kits. You saw Kelsey and Garden Blues one post back :-) What a great eye for colors and elements, Thank You Again Louise!

Bollywood Dreams

Brandi and Dylan and Brandi's 26th Birthday Dinner...he insisted on wearing his tie :-)

I could have easily made this next one into a nature LO but this kit spoke vintage to me...and thats not any easy thing to do, LOL! Even though I luv crochet and lace on clothes its usually just not my creative style...but not this time, Hugs Loucee!

News To Me

My Inlaws...Bud and Peggy 1954. I submitted this layout for the DSO Scraplift May09 Challenge...Special Thanx to Jen at Chaos Lounge for always sharing her beautiful creations!

geeze, Ive got to be the worlds slowest blogger...these post take me hours, LOL! Maybe if I did it more often I get faster, wheeeee...see ya next time!

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Kim's Scrappin' said...

Good job on your layouts! Both of these are gorgeous! Love your blog as well, it's beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment that you left. :)