Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happiness is...

facing your fears, learning lots and having it turn out just fine :-) So Loucee put me to the challenge with her new kit Happy Place, made me really really wanna try again at extractions. This is a beautiful kit that just screams (nicely, hehehe) Fantasy so here is my first try (that Ive been willing to show anyway, LOL) at it...Dylan and Mrs Ray at the Adler Park Kindegarten Graduation, we are so proud you Dyl! Check out her blog and my other teamates blogs as well to see how versatile this kit really is, Great Job Girls and Thank You Lou!

Ive got a few other creative things in the works...Ive about gotten all the supplies together for the July Sew Along and also working on a couple things for the Holiday Ornament Swap Im participating in over at the Sew-N-2-U yahoo group. Yep, thats me...always signing up for waaay too many fun things at the same time, hahhaa

one more note...Big Hugs Mom for starting your own blog(s) and playing in the DSO Challenges, you are doing GREAT!


LouCeeCreations said...

Hehe! I know you sweated over this.. but didn't it come off a treat!

Ole Grandma said...

I think you did great. :o)
Dylan & teacher look good on LouCeeCreations kit.

I finally got Ole Grandma Blog updated with links and pictures of the DSO challenges I did.

Sure hope I get faster or I will always be bringing up the tail end
of blogging and scrapping.

Ole MoM