Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plain Blog...Ick!

So Im seeing all these Awesome new style blog layouts and feeling like its time to redo mine, ggg! And since Im still with the internet connection woes, Ive got to get serious bout clearing up the bandwith sucking elements...whaaa, I luv ALL my blinkies but until I either scrap a new blog LO or buy one, Im going with plain :-(

Quick while Ive got a connection I wanted to post a couple pics...first up, Cowgirls Rule Bootie Bag! This is the contest bag I had mentioned before...Thank You Ann, Dottie and Jericho Designs for inspiring me to finish this project from Sue and Jackie!!!

and the card I crafted for Dylan to give Mrs Ray :-) She crafted each of the kids a Memory Book complete with projects each child did thru the year and pics she had taken along the way as well. Its Adorable...Ill have to get a pic of it to show you! Anywho, I think she was more than deserving of this cute little card...I used Clearly I Stamp Charlie Horse Spring Stamp and Watercolor Markers...Im such a newbie at card making but I am happy with how it turned out.

onto to my "how to scrap your own blog" search...any pointers from the gallery (thats you if you are reading this and know anything, hehehe) is always appreciated, LOL


Ole Grandma said...

Good Morning.
I am so sad you are still having
problems with ISPs. :0(
Instead of you paying for a blog
call me and maybe I can help you out.
If I can build websites I should be able to build a blog, that is if I don't hit on a confused day.
Hugs Love

Ole Grandma said...

I love your header!!! I need to figure out how to do that yet. I can make the graphics just have not figured out how to get them arranged where I want them.
Yes I got your email about getting the new blog layout.
Have you gotten your ISP figured out yet ?
Love Hugs
Ole MoM