Thursday, October 1, 2009

woot, woot, LouCee is...

Designer of the Month at DSO! She's done up a beautiful fall kit to celebrate she rightly named can find it here for just $1 for the entire month of October! In addition, all of LouCee Creations at DSO are 50% off too for the whole month :-)

and don'tcha think my Hybrid Coffee Can project with this kit turned out great! The seasonal theme made for a nice gift for my oldest son too...even he grows his own sunflowers in his garden :-)

Make sure to check Lou's blog as she's got a little add-on for you and lots of beautiful inspiration from the rest of ladies her team! Watch for Charlie's LO, she'll make you cry with a beautiful poem for her family's furry friend passing this past week...Hugs GF!


Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Very very cute! Thanks for sharing your project using LouCee's kit.

Ole Grandma said...

WHOOOO !!! I love those cans.
I can't believe you did those while
talking to me on the phone. You are some kind of handy girl. LOL
I need to buy me a couple of 1 pound can of coffee to do something on the same order for all of my pencils, pens, screwdrivers, scissors, etc.. which are sitting on my desk.