Saturday, October 10, 2009

Charlie, Changes and...

hibernation :-) Wondering what these 3 things have in common...well, its what Ive been up to lately of course, ggg

to start, I am completely off my feet, swooon...Charlie of Charlie's Digiscrap accepted my application to her CT, can you beleive it, Woot, Woot!!! And it wasnt easy for her either, I was pretty much gone the entire month of September, Thank You for your patience and Big Hugs Charlie! My first LO for her using her newest kit, True Love :-) Its Adorable! Make sure to check out all my wonderful new teamates blogs tooo...on the sidebar.

And Charlie does the best designer items can find her quality CU products here

Next, Our First Fall Harvest of Pumpkins!!! This was huge for us as last year (our real first) was sadley a bust so everyone here on the farm carefully tended to them thruout the summer. When DH and Dylan had the privledge of gathering the bounty I was sure to be there with the camera! Loucee 's kit was perfect for it...I already knew that, hehee and told ya you'd be seeing Changes again :-) Thanx for another winner Lou!

Which brings me to...hibernation! It seems that winter is coming early here in the midwest, eeek, ack, spit! And though I really really dislike the freezing temps, I LUVVV having an excuse to stay in house with a fire burning to keep the chill away :-) With that warm thought and the fire that has now gone out signaling its past time for bed...Talk Again Soon

1 comment:

Ole Grandma said...

Good Morning;
I love the layouts you did with the
new kits. :o)
Later this week I will go check them out when the storms have pass.
Lots of smiling faces on Pumpkins coming up and great pumpkin pie ??
Love Hugs