Wednesday, December 2, 2009


my post didnt upload :-( I was making it here 2 days in row but as I was posting last night when my computer just switched off, again, eeek! So, since timing is everything, right...looks like Im buying a new one for Xmas! What do ya think...desktop or laptop? Keep in mind that we already have 2 laptops for when we travel...

Big news at DSO!!! Charlie is Designer of the Month and has her whole store 50% off for December and she's including her CU products :-) She's done up a brand new Super Glitter Bundle to celebrate too!

Also, if you enjoy playing along with the monthly challenges at DSO then make sure to check out the new DSO Challenge Blog here!

ok, its getting a little sketchy on this puter again so Ill get off here for now, Talk Soon!

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Ole Grandma said...

Since I am not sure which computer you are using or having problems with
I will make a suggestion. Upgrade the Win 98 computer, go to ebay and get a OEM XP pro and install it on that computer. My understanding is Win 7 is not worth buying at this time.
Love Hugs