Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amethyst Charm, Hybrid Template, SCS…

and, as always, sooo much more, LOL!  Its all go, go, go now here at Willow Farm but somehow I managed to squeeze in a few moments of crafty fun and do a favor for my dearest friend, shewww :-)  

Have you seen Lou’s newest kit, Amethyst Charm? Its Gorgeous and available at DSO, just look at these rich colors!!!


and here’s what I did with this beautiful kit…Thanks Lou!

wReal Sweetie lcc_Amnethyst Charm  IMG_6954 

I used the Matchbook Album/Notepad Hybrid Template by Pixel Geek and added a paper flower that I made by way of another SCS tut that DD had discovered.  Thanks to all those who create wonderful designs, templates and tutorials…such a nice treat, especially for time challenged folks like me :-)  

Speaking of  DD, Brandi…she gave me the most wonderful Mothers Day card this year! She had asked if she could get an afternoon in my craft room about a week before and of course the answer was yes, (I knew what she was up to) but only if she agreed to not bring anything…and I really meant, nothing! What a better way to know that Id for sure  luv whatever she created than by using my very own hand picked craft supplies! Its AWESOME!  Big Hugs Bran, Thank You for a very special Mothers Day <3

wMay9 Happy Mothers Day Card by Brandi 100_0610

wMay9 Mothers Day Card1 100_0619

wMay9 Mothers Day Card2 100_0618

and before I go…the DSO Collab Bag is up! These bags are always excellent quality and you can see the details by clicking the pic…

 grabbag DSO May2010

and the bright colors of Hot Dotty are making me wish Summer would hurry up and get here! Another great one Lou, Thanks! click the pic to go to the store :-)

hot dotty_lcc

wheeee, another long post so Ill save my favor for my dear friend till next time…thats just how good a friend she really is, she always waits for me :-)  Im off to bed as its another busy day tomorrow!

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LouCeeCreations said...

you are such a clever girl, thankyou Vanessa x