Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bootie Bag and P365

The March 2009 Sew Along started today...remember this from January, I really enjoyed it so I signed up asap, ggg! Jackie of Jackies Desighns (Posh Patterns-Handbags) and Sue (Jackies right hand gal@bags to brag about yahoo group) picked the Bootie Bag as the project and who doesnt have a pair of jeans that wouldnt be great as a bag/tote :-) In fact I have several old pairs and I think Ive signed on to make 2, hahaha. This is great bag for beginners! ***Signup Open and Supply List posted, Feb23***

Onto pic for today is Both sets of Bootie Bag supplies since I let my indicisive self get talked right into 2 of them babies! My camera is downstairs so Ill have to edit it in!...I just realized that while Ive been working away (ohhh man!) at getting caught up here I havent been posting these days either so Im starting now, well, in an edit, eeekkk
edit done!

Well, about that "1 week with 1 pic" I mentioned in my last post, Feb13 thru Feb20... Sammy! If you've been following along, Sammy was the horse that broke a bone in his upper hind leg (tybia) for no explainable reason...well, we now know what no one could have seen coming, he had a very very rare kind of cancer, Internal Melanoma. Fairwell My Friend, See ya on the other side :-)

Feb 21...Main House Renovations On Going-Im Luving the new Kitchen Door and finally the cabinets are starting to look like they at least belong in this room, hahaha! Painters are a good sign, right? Im starting to get a little nervous about this project being wrapped up by May 1st but we'll see...

Feb22...Tyler, Master Snow Horse! I know, I know, Ive already got a Master Snow Dog but Tyler so luvs playing in the snow and I Luv watching him...well, all of them actually, LOL! Plus, it was a pretty laid back day, remember Sundays are my wind down day :-)

speaking of which...its officially now Monday so Im off to enjoy sleeping in!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kid
I really enjoyed your posting and pictures. :o)
I love your hair up like you have it
in the one photo of you and DH.
Now all I have to do is find the photo of a Bootie Bag ???
Love Hugs
Ole MoM

Beth Long said...

I love the name 'Bootie Bag!' Hee hee hee.... can't help it if I'm thinking of a 'different' kind of bootie... LOL! (Ok... I'll be good now... ha ha ha...) So fun to see your project 365 pics! I envy the discipline you '365'ers' have in taking such great photos! I'll have to throw myself into the mix next year... (that gives me another 9 months to procrastinate right???) Just thought I would stop by and say 'hello!' Hope you're having a great week!