Friday, March 6, 2009

If I Hurry...

Ill be caught up with P365, for now, hehehe! I starting with today as it was a beautiful spring day and perfect for a drive...which we did :-) Off to pick up Sammy for the last time, Thanks for the wonderful day Sammy. We love the drive up to Madison, all the little farmettes and old barns across the rural countryside...over the years it had become one of our getaway weekend spots, even though now its been more than a few since we've been that far from home, eeekkk. Anywho, besides really enjoying just riding along on a sunny spring day with the my soulmate, we were able to find this little waaayyy out of the way restraurant that we had discovered way be when. Sorry, the barn shots were taken going 70 down the highway, LOL

March 5...Colby Visits The Farm-Colby is my great-nephew (I think, ggg) and he was excited to see the horses, chickens and tractors on a real farm :-) Buddy, Dylan and Colby...Boys will be boys and they were off, hehehe

March 4...Spring Cleaning At The Farm-Yaa, he looks like he is working hard doesnt he, hahaha! See all that stuff in the back of the wagon, wll, they had about 5 of those and thats just the beginning, eeek. Yeah, its Warm(er) and Sunny!

March 3...Dylans 1st School Pic-I cropped out the rest of the class for this one as somehow the photography company ruined the first round of individual photos, huh? They did do retakes so those should be coming soon...isnt he handsome, ggg

Feb26-only one day left from Febuary to get in here and Thank Goodness for that, for being the shortest month of the year it certainly seemed like the longest!!! I finished off with a good one though...MWAH Casino, Luv Ya (and you too "Kid" back there)!

well, an hour and half into this and Im finally finished...I know, I know, Im missing March 2nd but that has to be it for today, all that fresh air ya know, hehehe. Till next time...nitey nite


Veelana said...

Congrats on being cought up - thnks for the comment on my blog :-)
I love your photos!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos and I am enjoying
the updates on your life.
Dylan is sew cute.
Casino does not look as ole as he is.
You must be treating him right.
Hugs Love
Ole MoM

Jazzy said...

Hi girl just popping in to say hello..sure enjoyed your blog and all the great pictures...You've been tagged to day, stop by me blog and take a look.. :)