Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sitting here...

in between admin duties...yes, the "farm life" has office duties, i. e. phones, data entry, records, financials, receipts, filing, etc...you get it, LOL. And Willow Farm has lots of it...just always gotta be ready with the rubber boots for the fun part of this job, hummm, Life I mean, haha. Thought Id ramble a little (Ive apparently done well there, ggg) and update my P365 :-)

Feb24...Surrounded By Friends-This is a card that we recieved from Sammmy's vet, Dr Mann and Jenny. It really touched my heart to know that they admire what our role with the horses here is...its so much more than just "chores" for us and they took the time to recognize that, Ill cherish this forever :-)

Feb25...Dylan Reads-How cool is that...Way To Go DGS! Ive definitly gotta scrap this one and soon...maybe Ill try extractions :-)

Feb26-My Mood: Gray and Foggy! It was just one of those days, even Mother Nature was gloomy...makes for a nice pic though :-)

ok...so Feb 27, I have no pic :-( In grand scheme of things though Im still very proud of myself to having made it this far and still going! You never know...I might even come across a pic somewhere with this date on it and can edit it in, fingers crossed.

Alright, the good part about this time of year in the farm life...its only 3:30pm and the "work day" is almost over, now where did I put those rubber boots :-)


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh it does not seem possible
that Dylan is old enough to read.
Seems like it was just yesterday he was just a little tyke.

I love the card the vets sent to you.
I know it touched your heart. If you are like me you will keep it forever.

Hugs Love
Ole Mom

Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Hi Vanessa! I'm glad you liked the overlays! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)