Friday, March 13, 2009

Why Oh Why....

is it that Im always counting days backwards, by the week! Good thing Ive got a text note to keep track of my P365 pics and thoughts each day :-) Ive gotta get a move on here, Kimb has been up to it again with an awesome new camping/outdoor kit and I hear that her partner in crime, digi/hybrid scrapping extraordinaire Loucee has updated her blog with a few new projects! Well worth checking out!!! Ive got a couple LO's started for the March Challenges in the forum at DSO to work on too.

Anywho, here we go...for today (friday the 13th, eek) we have our resident blanket Houdini...Tyson! Let me tell ya, this boy can shimmy outta just about anything...we've had just one blanket that he couldnt get off and its now just a rag of fabric from his trying to eat it since he couldnt get it off. After a couple years (and a couple useless tries) we finally found one that he hasnt been able to get off, yet!

Yesterday (march 12) was DD Brandi's 26th our house the birthday person gets to pick dinner, the what and where. Jimmy's Char House is her fav and we had a great family meal together, Thanx for a wonderful evening :-)

March 11...Dylan Sings! Well in keeping with all his "1st" lately, here he is at the school Spring you recognize him there in the front with his tie on? Yep, thats the same tie he wore to the birthday dinner, turns out he likes dressing up, hehehe.

March 10...its the first thing I see every morning, Gunner. Yep, thats it...those eyes and that nose, how could I NOT wake up in a good mood, LOL

March 9...Gracie's Peace Lily. The fact that its still living is a miracle all in itself as I have all black thumbs (really, I do!), with Brandi's birthday this week I found myself looking into it pondering some of lifes mysteries. It was given to us during a sad time in our family so its very melancholy and I thought this photo really picked up on those feelings, dont you?

March 8...Session 1 Bootie Bag. Yeah, session 1 done on one of the bags anyway. We are already into session 2 so I better get crackin on these. Its supposed to be no pressure but I really dont wanna get too far behind...especially since I signed up for 2, hehehe

March 7...Blog Award, Thanx Jazzy! Jazzy is wonderful person and its a great honor for me to receive an award from her. She has a great blog, I luv her wordart and LO's and you can look her up on her blog here or at DSO! Since this has turned into the never ending post Ill just post up the pics/awards and come back to nominate other deserving folks in the blogging community tomorrow :-)

IF THE SHOE FITS is for people with enthusiasm.

The MARIE ANTOINETTE AWARD this award is given to bloggers who are perceived to be "real in who they are"

Ok, you are officially off the hook and Im outta here, hehehe...see ya soon!

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Jazzy said...

LOL love the way your blog..very interesting..hope you have a grand day..