Friday, September 4, 2009

Grab Bags and Bad Blogger!

Wait...that really should say "Bad Blogger" first...yep, thats me, I cant believe its been over 3 weeks, eeek! Sorry :-(

Good news in the digi scrapping world...Loucee has new designs up for DSO's Birthday complete with an incredible Grab Bag, check it all out here! I got to play with a few of the goodies just ahead of the big announcement and let me just say, Thank You Lou for creating such beautiful art and encouraging my Hybrid attemps :) Ill never get as good as the Queen (yaa, Louise, thats you, ggg) but Im having' fun tryin', LOL! This cute Gift Card Holder which also has its own seperate little card that goes into it is a project from Split Coaster Stampers here and these way cool colors and the tag alpha were easily transformed :-) Getting the pics was the hardest really was, LOL!

and how about a natural beach layout with an adorable little girl enjoying the sand and surf...this is my grand niece Sophia, taken by her memaw (grandma) during their summer trip to the beach this year :-) Im finding that these colors are just my style and I luv Classic!


Speaking of Bad Blogger and Hybrids, Ive a got a couple others projects to show ya...what Ive been up to...Country Living Note Cards and Tote (SplitCoasterStampers) and Jean Genie, my own LO.

and as usual Ive run out of time in the does that happen, I told the clock to stop about 6 hrs ago, LOL! See Ya Soon!

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