Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are you ready...

for the holidays? Well here they come, ready or not, LOL! Ive already committed to a few projects and so far my schedule still looks manageable, but we all know how the best laid plans go...wish me luck it all goes as written :-)

First holiday up is Charlie's Birthday, Happy Birthday Girl and to your little one too! Charlie is having a 39% off sale for the whole month at DSO to celebrate so make sure to check it out...can we guess how old she is, hehehe :-)

And if November 1st doesnt just make you think Christmas then Loucee and Kimb surely will! Check this out...a hybrid Advent Calendar made with Candy Christmas, Woweee! A working calendar would be a first for me but those 2 so make me wanna try one, Thank You soooo much ladies, Hugs :-) Images are linked...

Before we leave Halloween 2009 in the past, Ive gotta show ya how cute Dylan was and the Vampires I put together for his classmates. Gone are the days you could have one costume for school parties and for going house to house so we had a Pirate and a Ninja! sidenote-the Vampire sucker covers were really really easy so if anyone would like the info, let me know :-)

ok, I said I was gonna use my extra hour today for blogging but I think its been 2, Im off for now, Talk Soon!

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