Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ive got...

so much to be Thankful for! Here I am, headed into the holidays not sure which way its going to go this know, the best laid plans and such...turns out, I have the bestest family ever, mwah, Thanx Bestest Family! and I received a couple unexpected happy surprises along the way this week too so Im really \o/\o/\o/

a surprise brown envelope came in my mailbox from an unknown AR of Rileyville, KY...its marked SewN2U Swap group #4 and its FULLL of the most beautiful FSL Ornaments of all different sizes and colors :-) My heart is bursting as my sewing friends are also the bestest! If you are one of my sewing friends reading this, you know just how many hours it takes to stitch out 30 of these free standing lace designs and its no small feat! Thank You sew much angel AR and to Patty, Hugs and Blessings!!! Ill get a pic to edit in here!

Then yesterday I got an email that says I won! What did I win you ask...well, last Saturday night I was blog hopping and came across the awesome Holiday Garden Walk sponsored by Cathy of Paper Garden Projects and her team :-) I luv lookin for inspiration and its very nice to get a chance to win some great goodies just for looking at the gorgeous projects and saying Thank You to each designer! Hugs and blessigns to everyone who participated there as well! First of these Ive ever won, heck, Im one of those people that never wins anything, LOL, so Im beaming knowing that the mailman is bringing another special package. Watch for something made with these goodies in the very near future, theres adorable snowmen and mice stamps in there, hehehe :-)

and to finish up the week...Thanksgiving Dinner is done and the first projects on the afore blogged "list" are completed on schedule :-) Next up...diaper bag for a friend of DD by Dec 6th, which also just so happens to be my 29th Wedding Anniversary, Luv Ya Babe!

Ill be back in a day or 2...rumor has it that Charlie has a few new things up her sleeve for while she is away on vacation and Loucee is being suspiciously quiet at the moment which usually means she's busy busy designing and crafting, so keep a steady watch on her too!

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