Sunday, January 25, 2009

P365 and Stuff

Ill get right to postin' pics since its 1am on whats really 4 days since my last post!

Friday I finished my Sew Along Bag...and a week ahead of the time I might add, hehehe. I think it turned out really cute and this is the bag Ill be carrying into Spring! Thanx Jackie for the fun project and all I learned along the way :-) Session 4 (final) was sewing and putting in the lining and then I strung a few beads on a clasp for the zipper pull-we'll see if that satys on, hummm. DD also mentioned using cell phone charms for zipper pulls which I think is a great idea too.

Saturday was another crazy day...remember last week when I mentioned that DH is off on Saturdays which leaves me overseeing the farm alone...well, this week was extra special, the battery on the Cub (tractor) died in the middle of the barn, ackkk! That's not what I got my pic of though, who wants to remember I came home and promptly signed up for ITunes, hahaha. I was the last one in my family, its only odd I'm typically the go-to gal/computer geek in the house.

Sunday was a day to Relax! As much as I dislike Saturdays I Luv Sundays, DH is fresh from his day off and Im off on Monday so its a great day to just wind down :-) Brandi and Dylan took a Fun day too...they got these pics at the photo booth in the mall and then went swimming at the gym, Dyl's Fav!

are you falling asleep yet...sorry, just a couple more things, ggg

Hybrid Scrapping...Ive got a couple boxes and a laptop bag full of paper scrapping supplies that most of it is at least 5-6yrs old so I was thinking I would revamp my stash of basics and what do you know, Bunny Cates ( DSO) is a Stampin' Up Demonstrator :-) Actually I knew that already, hehehe, but then she posted about it today on her's that for a sign, LOL. Another shameless plea here, if anyone has a basic supply list for tried and true go to items they use for hybrid scrapping, Im all ears (hmmm, eyes) :-)

Last but not least...we *might* be getting away Feb 8-Feb10, Yeah! I say *might* because we're not going very far but we are being picky bout the ameneties, hehehe

Shewww, its now 2:20am...Nitey Nite


Bunny Cates said...

woohoo! Maybe Loucee will run by and post some things too..

heres what I think are MUST HAVES to have on hand...

*multiple tape runners. both permanent and removable.

*colored sharpies!

*a really good and wet pad of Versamark

*gel pens

*a GOOD craft knife. I almost cut my hand off with a stupid pen style box knife. Its NOT the same.

*extra long tweezers. they are like $1 and the dollar store. I use them ALL the time because Im awful with glue!

*BUTTONS!!!!! any, all... I bought a bag on ebay for pretty cheap! I refuse to pay $2 a button like what at Joannes! Yardsales are a good place for sewing supplies!

*WHITE CARD STOCK, buy it and stock up ANYTIME it is on sale!

*Dimentionals. I still dont have any. They are the little foam things that give a LIFT to a layer....

*embroidery thread [floss - whatever]. I bought a multi colored pack at Joannes for like $14. but there is a sprig of just about every color.

* good hole punch tool. I have a little hammer/tool set from creating keepsakes someone GAVE me, whoot! and I also bought the cropadile at joannes it was on sale AND I had a % off coupon so I got it for like $8.

* and ribbon ribbon ribbon. If you can find ANY get it. Even scraps. I can never have enough ribbon!!!

I'll come back when Im in the office and can SEE my stuff. LOL...

Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Bunny sent me over so I thought I'd add my $0.02 as well.

I love color, so I have a lot of markers, pens (Sakura gelly roll are the BEST), twinkling H2Os (so love these sparkly water colors), and chalks!

Ditto on the versamark - and a good glue pad for glitter isn't a bad thing either!


Dimensionals are glorified double-sided foam tape, anything you can use to give lift/depth without being overly bulky or visible.

A fabulous straight edge and paper trimmer - I do NOT like crooked lines! :)

Oh and if you like the look of a torn edge, but want it to be straight - use a sharp, serrated edge knife - it'll be your straight edge and have the nice roughened edge after the tear.

Hmmm - that's all I can think of to add - Bunny pretty well covered it! :)

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...'ve been busy!! I love the bag..great colors and I love the zipper pull idea.
That's some list Bunny and Shannon have done..looks like they has got things covered!!

Vana63 said...

Thanx for all the great info Ladies!!! Actually, my list isnt looking too daunting...short of Versamark and a few little accessories, HAHAHA :-)