Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keeping Up...

NOT! I see that some of my friends around blogland are complaining bout the same thing so maybe its in the moon and stars for everyone and not just me, hmmm, yaa, that sounds good, hahaha.

Still getting pics nearly everyday for p365 though :-) Its become a nice little habit...makes me wake up each morning looking for memorable moments! Anywho, back to my quest to catch up...

Feb 9, our day to just hang out...we went to the indoor waterpark(thats a picture behind us, hehe) and the game room (our loot, haha). We had a Great Day just being us!!!

Feb 10...the nice thing about vacationing close to home, we were back by 10:45AM! As it turned out that was a very long time for us to be gone, Gunner didnt sleep the whole time we were gone and had a good afternoon nap after we got home :-)

Feb 11 was my "Recovery" Day so no pics just lots of unpacking and resting :-) Which brings Feb 12 up next...remember I said Buddy (DH) is a music fanatic right, well we are now going to see Keith Urban in concert for the 3rd time in 18 month! Good thing I like Keith Urban music and heck, he is certainly easy on the eyes, BWAHHHH.

Well, thats it for me this evening...I know you are thinking Im never gonna get completely caught but I will, I promise...and my next post will cover an entire week in 1 pic!

oh, and before I forget, for my sewing friends out there...the March Sew Along is coming up and Jackie has posted the chosen Bag and Supply List for our project...See Ya's Soon!


Bunny Cates, said...

Hey lady!

I "think" to add feedblitz,
you need to register and set up at feedblitz. that will give you the code.

then in blogger click on LAYOUT and then ADD GADGET then in ADD GADGET choose the add html/java one... and thats where you paste the code you got from feedblitz.

Yea, sounds good. LOL..

Ole Grandma said...

I finally remember who I was and got to sign in. LOL
I also found your music. For some reason it was hid under the flowers
on the right hand side. I think it is because I did not have my browser full size.
And Yes I did see where to sign up
for notice when you post.
Your Ole Mom is sure getting senile
in her ole age.
Hugs Love
Ole MoM