Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LouCee Creates!

Well, Louise has been one busy lady and its allll just Beautiful!!! Check her might wanna get your coffee first as this post is gettin' long, ggg

Oooh La La, her new kit has awesome pinks, black, greens...and theres poodles in this cutie too! Loucee is hosting the new Animal Kingdom Challenge in the forum at DSO, perfect for the animal lover in me...and with Jazzy's wonderful wordart and Gunner waking me up in the morning, Im all in :-)

Check out the other CT members blogs too for matching Awesome QP's...Maryse, Anne, Denise, Kim and Lyn, Hugs and Thank You Thank You Lou, Jazzy and fellow team mates :-)

Wow, then she comes with this Gorgeous Hybrid Project she put together with Angels Tears by Kimb and Jen (Chaos Lounge) ...make sure to click the image below for the full view of the project and the kit used :-)

you can find full instructions and printables on LouCee's blog...and let me tell you, its a NOT to be missed project!!! You know, Kim was right on when she nicknamed you the Queen, Lou...Hugs and Thank You Again Ladies!!!

thats it for me tonight, Im off to bed...the satellite connection did get hooked up yesterday however its not gone as smoothly as I had hoped so I ve been at this computer all day fidgeting with settings, eeek, nighty nite!


LouCeeCreations said...

nothing ever runs smoothly lol! and there were you thinking all your internet connection problems would just disappear!
Thankyou for showing off my hybrid along with my kit :)

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Your layout is adorable! Thank you for posting about the frame on my blog. :) Good luck with your internet connection problems.

Ole Grandma said...

Thank You for the links and pictures
of the items you have done.
I printed out the instructions on LouCee blog for the on how to make a album box. Now my question is where do I find the blank cardboard elements ? I don't remember seeing any at Walmart and since they are my only store in this town I will need to find them online.
I will be a happy camper when you get your ISP figured out since I am not sure what email address to use.
Your always confused MoM