Friday, January 1, 2010

its 2010...really?

Where did 2009 gooo...did it fly by you too? When I was in my teens, the "older" folks always said "the older you get, the faster time flies", oh, how I did NOT believe them back then...but now, oh yes, now I know exactly what they meant and arghhh, its all true!!! Im usually the one always looking forward, making plans for future dates, coordinating the family and farm, etc...but for some reason, this past year has me lingering while looking back. There were some great things and there were some not so great things but mostly...I must be "older"now too, ggg...I just want to remember it all :-)

Most recent great thing is Charlie! How I ended up lucky enough to be on her CT, Ill never know but Im sooo happy she puts up with me, Hugs and Thank You Charlie! She's in on DSV's January Collab Bag and I am definetly going to be using her part :-)

and to my good friend Lou, get lots of well deserved rest and feel better soon GF! I played with Snow Ho Ho again and it was just finished when Charlie came with these cute charms so Im hoping to get those together soon and will be back to post the newest version of this LO :-)

edit***somehow its gotten late, hehe and here Im still trying to get this posted, eeek! Ill try to make it back here tomorrow, maybe with whats the beginnings of P365 2010 :-)

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