Monday, February 2, 2009

Gotta Post...

DH says he isnt visitng my blog until I get that pic of Frango from being the first post on the page, now you know why Im the horse nurse here, LOL!

So Ill get to posting the latest P365 photos...

Jan30th...Mike Makes Cake! I think I mentioned a couple posts back that my youngest son has suddenly taken an interest in cooking and here he is having a go at making a friend a homemade birthday cake, with the help of "Betty" as in Crocker, hehehe. It wouldnt necessarily be a bad thing if we ended up with a Chef in the family, Good Job Mike!

Jan31...Out My Window! Footprints in the snow...this pic makes me think of those cartoon pirate maps where you follow the footprints to the treasure. Well, in this case they lead in several directions including up to the living room windows and most of them are Deer tracks!

Feb 1...My Girl, Molly...isnt she cute! A little history bout her, her Mom was rescued from the New Orleans area right after Hurricane Katrina and based on Molly's (and her brother Mac, you'll see him when I can get a better pic of him) birthday she was more than likely concieved during the storm. What a rough way to start...but you'd never know it as she is a bundle of ENERGY now!!! Makes me think of June (Cens Stuff) and her new friend "Charlie" :-)

Oh, and none of those tracks in my Jan31 pic are Molly's...she's too short to meander into deep snow, she cant get out, hehehe

Feb 2...Morning Mugs Shot! Since Im sitting here wasting away a perfectly good "day off" and Im so seldom without a travel mug I thought this would be a great pic for today, ggg. Yep, that cup says "Stolen From:", its from a restraunt in Springfiled, IL where you are supposed to "steal" them as a parting gift, hahaha

see my fav candy in the background, LOL!

Ok, off to find something constructive to do today, Have a Great Day!


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Fantastic photos! You have snow too, we had more today. We are not used to snow so it has caused chaos!! Mind you Charlie is still enjoying rushing around in it!
Molly sounds like she has the right idea..stay indoors!
The "stealing" the mug is a terrific idea. I wish there was somewhere here that you could do you get to do it everytime, or is it only on your first visit. I can imagine getting a matching set, lol!!
Have a great day!

Beth Long said...

Hi there! Fun seeing your 365 pics!!! I totally admire you for plunging in to that project and keeping up on it. (I'm not sure I have the discipling... ha ha ha!) I'm loving all the pages I've seen from people who ARE doing it though.... so maybe I will join in sometime... or just gather up my resolve to do it NEXT year???? hee hee hee... You have a VERY cute dog by the way!!!

Ole MoM said...

I think it is great Mike is learning how to cook.
I often wished your DB would had been a chef.
Please send me a note when you update your page. I cannot seem to figure out how to get the updates.
I love the things you post.
Your Ole MoM